Live Streaming

Live Streaming is all the rage right now, with most of the social media platforms integrate a live streaming component. So, what can you do to help ensure your live streams are of the best possible quality? I have put together some of the tools I use when I broadcast at home and will be adding resources for broadcasting when you are not at home as well.


RetiCAM Tabletop Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head, Quick Release Plate and Carrying Bag – MT01 Mini Tripod, Aluminum, Black (does not include phone mount)

Vastar Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount Adapter Holder (not included with RetiCam tripod)

I absolutely love my surface sitting Reticam Tripod. It sits nicely on my desk, or the countertop when streaming / recording in the kitchen. It allows me to use the surfaces already there to give a wider angle shot, as compared to my larger tripod which sits on the floor. Not to mention, a floor mounted tripod takes up valuable floor space many of my recording projects need for me to move around. And unlike some of the other cheaper camera holders out there, this one is made of the same lightweight aluminum of the larger tripods,  features a bubble level guide, tilts and rotates. This make it a much more professional tripod. Its sturdy construction helps you rid yourself of those often shaky recordings, when you simply hold your cell phone.